Why We Love Packaging (And You Should, Too)

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, Mar 16, 2015

There is something exciting about packing, whether it is for a personal move or moving goods. It usually means change - or progress in our lives. 

ProductwrappedinfilmFor businesses, it is very easy to explain why you should love packaging - it means you're selling your product and shipping it to the clients who need your goods. Of course there are complications and difficulties with packaging your goods - but let's not pretend the complications outweigh the benefits of signing off on a big sale.


 In fact, you should be concerned when your stretch film lasts you longer than you expected. It is a bad sign if you find you have a surplus of packaging film since it means you are not moving your goods as projected.

Another highly enjoyable aspect of packaging with stretch film is the sense of accomplishment when you finish. Of course it isn’t quite as amazing as an architect who comes up with the building and oversees the design - but there is something about finding the right configuration that makes a day a little bit better. The more awkward the product, the greater the sense of accomplishment. Sure it may just be stretch film you are working with, but you could be saving a considerable amount of money by finding a way to secure something that others felt was impossible.

Working with packaging also gives you a lot of unique challenges that you probably aren’t going to find in most other areas of any business. On some levels it is almost as good as playing some of the puzzle video games, like Tetris. If you were ever told growing up that video games were a waste of time, this is a chance to prove those people wrong. Better yet, your teams will get paid to do it now. Some items may make it very easy to identify the best way to package them; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider other options. Just as Tetris shows you that there are many ways to solve a problem, packaging film gives you a chance to try it out. Except instead of points for doing a good job, you get paid.

When you stop to consider, there are very few things that you do at work or in your personal life where you can get immediate gratification for the time you spent on them. There are even fewer occupations. Apart from computer programming (where you have to test your coding in real time to find out if it worked), there aren’t many opportunities to do a job that gives you this kind of immediate feedback. A bit like programming, you really need to test the first few times you use a new configuration or new stretch wrap to make sure it will hold. When it is done, you get a chance to step back and see the fruits of your labor. Depending on your duties, this could actually be the only part of your day where you will be able to do that.


Naturally, you will have bad days were it feels like nothing more than drudge work. And the amount of frustration can be challenging when things go wrong. In the lone run, though, packaging is a chance to put some problem solving skills to good use and be able to know if it worked in real time. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with your work is one of the things we love most about packaging. 


Now - maybe not everyone gets as excited about packaging film as we do here, at Paragon Films. However that’s part of our job - to be passionate about our product and to let that shine through what we produce for you, our customers. Take a look at our stretch film choices by downloading our product catalog and see what we mean. 

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