Signs You Should be Using Stretch Film

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

Stretch film wrapping machines are used in manufacturing production lines all around the world to automate the end of line packaging process. This practice has proved to be effective in saving manufacturers considerably in labor expenses, packaging time and improved load security. Thanks to modern production lines and state of the art technology.


Today, the use of stretch films has extended from the manufacturing industry to the food packaging industry, and even to the electronics industry. A clear sign that the effectiveness of stretch wrapping, as opposed to other packaging methods, is being appreciated far and wide.

Here are a few signs that you should be using stretch films: 


If your range of products is unstable
If you distribute or deal with a range of fragile, unstable, or long products such as pipes, it is time you consider purchasing a stretch film machine. Semiautomatic and automatic straddle wrappers wrap lightweight unstable pallet loads. Conversely, you could also consider purchasing, the orbital stretch type of wrapping machine for stretch wrapping elongated loads such as pipes that cannot be stretch wrapped on a typical turntable.


If you deal with organic goods
Organic products such as vegetables or fresh-picked fruits that require packaging for distribution need a constant oxygen flow and breathability to preserve their quality, appearance, and freshness. This breathability also prevents weight loss brought about by product shriveling and facilitates overall higher quality products from the field to grocery.

To maintain free air circulation, these organic products are packed in vented trays. Full wrapping with stretch film unitizes the pallets as well as helping maintaining sufficient air flow and stability throughout storage and transport.



If you deal with building materials
Building materials such as bricks and concrete blocks require a packaging method that provides with significant holding power to offer maximum stability during transport as well as one that guards against chipping and cracking.

Although it requires a significant amount of film to secure a load, full stretch film wrapping offers good protection against breakage and chipping of building products. Alternatively, you can use wire or roped film. Wire offers good strength but has greater potential to cause damage during transit. Roped stretch film offers significant strength for load stability, damage protection, as well as providing considerable cost savings and ease of application.


If your environment is dusty or humid
Some products are vulnerable to moisture, dust, and ultraviolet radiation damage. Stretch filming is one of the most efficient and simplest ways of keeping your products clean and dry but still completely visible. Stretch wrapping your loads helps protect your valuables from environmental elements such as dirt, dust, and moisture. Other stretch films such as the UVI protect items from ultraviolet radiation when the items are to be stored outdoors.


Need for effective inventory control and space
Inventory control is one of the most important assets in any manufacturing or stretch film packaging company. By unitizing similar items together, it is easier to keep track of stock reducing the chance of product separation that would cause keeping of inventory inefficient and time-consuming.

Items that are wrapped with clear stretch films will allow you to scan straight through it especially when using a barcode scanning system. Additionally, unitizing your products also allows you to maximize on your cube space when storing or shipping your product.

Regardless of the industry, stretch film packaging is by far the most effective method you can use to hold loose items together on a pallet reducing the possibility of damaging the items when in transit or during storage.


If you have questions about stretch film or want to find out if your using the right stretch film for your application, you can contact one of our reps below:

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