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Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, Mar 23, 2015

Stretch wrap, also referred to as stretch film, is a type of plastic film that is highly stretchable, used in the packaging and shipping of items, mainly by wrapping them around to keep them intact.


 Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about stretch wrap. In case you don't find what you're looking for in our FAQ, you can contact us today for more information about our products. 

How do I use stretch film?

Most stretch wrap users don't use stretch films the correct way. Ideally, pallet wrapping relies on tension to hold a significant number of items together, usually to a pallet. While wrapping the pallet, ensure the stretch film is pulled tight as you wrap it around items. The tension applied will keep your items intact. 


Do I really need stretch film?

The main objective behind using stretch film is to hold items together, contain them, as well as protect them during transportation and storage. Additionally, they are available in varieties of specialty films, so depending on your needs, it may be important for you to use a stretch film. 


What stretch film size should I use?

Generally, the size of stretch film you should use is dictated by needs of different thicknesses and widths of your applications. To understand how to go about choosing the right stretch wrap click here for detailed information. Though the information contained on our page is a general idea of load capacity, and shouldn't be construed as specification limits. 


Can I use stretch film to wrap food?

Unfortunately no. Just like any other plastic, stretch film can be dangerous. Stretch wraps should never come in contact with food and as a precautionary factor, it should always be kept away from children. 


What is meant by equivalent stretch film?

Due to a surge in the cost of petroleum, Paragon Films has been in the forefront of producing innovative stronger, thinner stretch wrap in line with other stretch film manufacturers. Thinner stretch films are less expensive and can be used as equivalent stretch film, since less petroleum resin is used during manufacture, though a multi-layered technology is used to increase film strength. At Paragon Films we offer two types of equivalent hand stretch wrap films, which are Spartan  and Torque. In addition to hand stretch films, we offer machine stretch films.  Nexus machine film is an option that is stronger and thinner, which makes it possible to save on costs. 


Should I consider a special stretch wrap machine?

In case your business handles or wraps an excess of 15 loads every day, then you need to have a stretch wrap machine. Stretch wrap film machines are useful since they help in the reduction of waste, increase efficiency, as well as promote a more secure and consistent load. 


How do I consider whether breakages of the film are due to equipment or the film?

To determine this, you need to understand the pattern of film breakages. If the pattern associated to breakage appears to be continuous, then the machine could be a probable cause for breakage. Film breaks caused by imperfections tend to occur randomly, and are not related to any position or timing of the wrapping cycle. But more importantly, if breakages occur in the same place repeatedly on different rolls would indicate a problem with the machine in use.  Check out this article on the importance of maintaining your machine wrapper


What are the environmental benefits of your stretch film?

At Paragon Films we take priority in keeping our Earth as clean as possible. As a plastic manufacturer, we ensure our polyethylene film:

  1. Adheres to environmental safety standards and is readily recyclable 
  2. Does not contain or produce any toxic or hazardous by-products 
  3. Is inherently sanitary 
  4. Is long lasting, and does not pose waste problems due to environmental issues 
  5. Does not promote growth of mold, algae or infestations by pests and rodents


To meet our goals and objectives, we ensure that our stretch film products comply with environmental requirements by:

  • Reducing 
  • Reusing 
  • Recycling

For further information on what you need to do to recycle your stretch film waste click here


What is the difference between stretch film and shrink film?

Stretch film or stretch wrap stretches and adheres to itself, while a shrink film requires the application of heat and time allowance so it can shrink around the items being wrapped.



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