Enough is Enough: Sustainability in Business

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, Mar 02, 2015

Paragon Films is an industrial company that has continuously responded to challenges and opportunities in delivering efficient, economical, and sustainable stretch film products through tireless innovations, creativity and an entrepreneurial passion. Though profitability is important for the growth of Paragon Films, the need to manufacture improved new innovative products has contributed to its recognition as a leading manufacturer in the industry. The result is bringing you the next level of performance, cost savings and provision of a sustainable environment.


In trying to meet goals and expectations, Paragon Films relies on its team of engineers, innovators, professional problem solvers, and perfectionists who work around the clock to ensure the best stretch film and stretch wrap packaging products are manufactured. As a plastic manufacturer the company realizes the importance of keeping the environment clean by meeting 3Rs of sustainability:

REDUCE - Weight, landfill load, manpower, thickness, energy consumption and transport costs of Packaging film is reduced. This is achieved by properly applying the level of load containment, which also reduce damage to stretch film, packaging, stretch wrap, packaging film products. 
REUSE - If there are undamaged cores, Paragon Films makes sure they are reused to conserve the environment. 
RECYCLE - Paragon Films effortlessly recycles its scrap, and manufactures stretch film, packaging, stretch wrap, packaging film products that can be recycled. 

Keeping the environment clean is a cause worth taking part in. But what you need to understand is that Paragon's polythylene film:

  • Is readily recyclable and environmentally safe. (please check with your local recycling facility to make sure they can recylce stretch film) 
  • Is inherently sanitary 
  • Has less environmental impacts compared to packaging with corrugated, strapping, stretch hooders, shrink film, foam, or additional external containers 
  • Contains non-toxic compounds and doesn't produce hazardous by-products 
  • Is durable and is less likely to cause environmental problems 
  • Isn't designed to promote algae, mold, and other pests or rodent infestations

Through Nexus Machine Film, Paragon's Film innovative team has managed to deliver the next level of technology. Since its introduction, Nexus has benefited the company by achieving:

  • Low cost per pallet wrapped 
  • Manufacturing high clarity film products 
  • Products are tear resistant 
  • A reduced carbon footprint 
  • An excellent containment and control


While it is logical to conserve and keep the environment clean, recycling stretch film is not economically feasible for many of the polythene manufacturing companies. The most effective method used by Paragon Films to conserve the environment is by using less stretch film. This can be done by stretching your stretch film at least 250 to 300 percent.

Knowing what you need for your stretch film, packaging, stretch wrap, packaging film machines is helpful, since it contributes to economic improvement, social and environmental sustainability. Your endless search stops here - You don't have to look any further!

For more details about the best eco-friendly stretch film and stretch wrap products that can help you save on production costs, contact a Paragon Films representative today by clicking below:

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