Why Cold Force® Stretch Film is the Key to Increase Profits

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Tue, Nov 12, 2013

The Birth of Cold Force
A few years ago there was an unmet need for a film that could be used in cold temperature environments that had excellent cling and load holding force.  Other films, due to the cold temperatures in transit or storage, would lose their cling and load holding capabilities, creating a headache when the load was moved. As a result, Cold Force has become one of Paragon's fastest growing machine films.Cold Force Machine Film

Recognizing the need for a cold environment film, Cold Force started coming off the cast lines at Paragon in early 2010.  This new type of stretch film gave light to the end users whose applications were in environments such as blast freezers and refrigerated/packaging operations.  Because of the high cling and the sustainability of the load containment, Cold Force became the cold film applicator.  

Not Just For the Cold
When Paragon created Cold Force they also met a need for a stretch film that could be used in dusty environments. Construction businesses, landscaping, and other packaging industries could benefit from using Cold Force due to the high cling.  Wrapping a product that is dusty or dirty is one thing, but to keep that film from losing its cling and containment around the load is another.  With Cold Force you never lose load containment and cling, even with shifting that could occur in transit. 

Clarity and Scanning
Just one of the many benefits of Cold Force is the high clarity of the film.  In both cold and dusty environments, it can be hard to find that bar code on a load.  A majority of companies use the bar code system for loading and unloading of product, as well as inventory.  If you have a load that is wrapped in low clarity or hazy film, you might find yourself wasting time, labor, and even product by unwrapping or tearing the load to find a barcode.  

No Film "Tail Off"Stretch Film Tails
What is that?! "Tail off" refers to the release and subsequent unwinding of the film from a palletized load.  Film tails are not only unsightly, but they can also be damaging to your bottom line and a safety hazard for your employees.  Employee safety with all companies is a priority.  Film tails can create a tripping hazard along with getting tangled in wheels of fork lifts and pallet jacks.  Tail offs are an indication of insufficient holding force throughout the load, potentially making the pallet unstable.  Anytime pallets are being moved, expecially from stacking conditions, you want that load to be secure.  In your cold and dusty applications, Cold Force has no film tail offs.  


If Cold Force is the machine film that sounds like it's for your company, click below to find a Paragon Representative in your area. 

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