What Are Some Benefits in Using Torque Handfilm

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, Aug 12, 2013

We love hearing and seeing stories about our products.  This is a blog article written by Dennis Salazar of Salazar Packaging.

 Hand stretch wrapping film (often mistakenly referred to as “shrink” film) is the preferred way to unitize pallet loads of products as well as for bundling applications. Bundling is when two or more products are wrapped together to minimize handling time or reduce shipping costs. Example, if you order two or more units of our Globe Guard 100% recycled content corrugated boxes from our store, they will likely be stretch wrapped together to minimize shipping costs.  Another common application this time of year is the bundling of firewood for retail sales. 

Torque Handfilm 

How can plastic stretch film help you accomplish your sustainability objectives?
Even though plastic may not be a popular packaging material in some circles, as a lifelong packaging professional, I can confidently say that there are some things that stretch wrapping film (especially our new Paragon Torque films) can do better at a lower cost and with minimal carbon footprint, compared to other packaging options.

When evaluating and comparing different packaging products we consider material cost, labor cost, waste produced by weight and volume. In most of those comparisons, plastic stretch film ends up being the best available packaging option when compared to adhesives, tapes, steel strapping or plastic banding options that can all create their own sourcing, application or disposal issues.


Making Stretch Film Use as “Green” as Possible?
Basically there are two things you can do to make your stretch film usage as environmentally friendly and as low cost as possible:

  1. Minimize the amount of film being used
  2. Make sure the film is able to be recycled after use

torque handfilmThe second point is easiest to address in that these new Torque films, for all of their high tech engineering and exceptional performance, are basically low density polyethylene so film waste can be recycled just about anywhere you can recycle a common plastic bag. There are no unfriendly additives to pollute the waste stream so they can easily be accumulated, compressed and even baled for recycling ease. Most of this recycled waste ends up being used to make trash can liners, industrial plastic sheeting or other similar products.



The Key is Source Reduction
While the second point above is fairly simple, it is made possible with Paragon’s technology that is anything but simple. Source reduction is essentially using less to do more and it is not unusual for Torque stretch film customers to use 50% less film to accomplish the same task because these films:

  • Elongate further/better yield (minimizing material used and cost)
  • Elongate easier (reducing effort, strain and labor)
  • Are more resistant to tearing and breaking (saving time and film)
  • Deliver greater retention force with no film relaxation (improved load and bundle integrity)

Almost as sweet as frosting on the cake, Torque hand wrapping stretch films feature an exclusive “hemmed edge” on both sides of the film roll width. Since that is where any film tends to rupture, the double layer of the high performance film is exactly where it is needed most.


Available Now at Our Green Packaging Store
We’re pretty excited about these new Paragon’s stretch films and they are a welcome addition to our Globe Guard store because we are certain they will help our customers reduce usage and save money.

Download Specifications - Torque Handfilm

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