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Posted by Jerad Dowler on Tue, May 07, 2013

When we want to research a product or find an answer to some questions, the majority of us pull out our phones and find our answers. Having the ability to find the answers with a few taps on our phone is easier, more convenient and frankly, the “now” thing to do.  

For iPhone users, we have the luxury of apps. You name it, they probably have an app for it. That’s not a bad thing either. As a matter of fact, it seems that the more apps you have, the cooler you are!  Okay, so i’m kidding but you have to admit when you see someone’s iPhone with several apps on it you become curious. You start wondering if you’re missing out on something.stretch film app


One particular app that you might be missing out on is the Paragon Films app. Paragon Films created the app with YOU, the customer, in mind. In one powerful app you can:

  • Quickly determine which Paragon stretch film best suits your needs
  • Connect with a Paragon rep in your area
  • Access specification sheets, features and benefits
  • Use the helpful conversion chart


Paragon App Release video from Paragon Films, Inc on Vimeo.


Don’t take my word for it. Tripp Griffin, from Samuel Strapping, had this to say about Paragon’s app,  

 “I would like to share a success story I had utilizing the new Paragon App on my iPhone.  The app provides a conversion chart and at the bottom of the chart is an equation for roll weight.   

  I was reviewing machine stretch film with a customer who has been buying a 20” x 60 gauge x 7,500’ roll.  I was instantly alarmed by that “great price” and decided to put the equation to the test.  Their current estimated roll weight should have been 36 lbs, using their certified scales the roll weighed only 24 lbs.  This shows their current vendor has been supplying them less gauge or footage than what they were sold. 

  I think this helped to grow the trust between the customer and Samuel as we are now in the discussion of replacing their current wrappers along with replacing the current vendor for stretch film.” 


Paragon Films continues to be innovative and creative when it comes to connecting people, equipment, and technology. When you have the ability to connect with a customer, such as Tripp did, you not only gain their business but you gain two things that’s crucial in the business/customer relationship; trust and respect

Paragon understands the business/customer relationship so one of the other features about the app is the ability to contact a Paragon Sales Representative or our corporate offices. If you have questions about a product or maybe you’re wondering if Paragon film is offered in your area, you can quickly connect through email or phone. 


If you haven’t downloaded the app yet I encourage you to click below and try it out. Give us your feedback and send us your stories.  

Download the Paragon App

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