Is Your Stretch Film Up To the Test?

Posted by Patrick Smith on Tue, Apr 16, 2013

stretch film testingAs gas prices continue to climb, consumers are becoming more mindful of how many miles per gallon their car can yield.  It is important for the buyer to understand the value of each gallon of gas AND the value of each individual mile.  Say that unleaded gas is $3.00 per gallon and diesel fuel is $3.50 per gallon.  In cars that use unleaded fuel, you can get 27 mpg, with each mile costing the driver .11 cents.  In cars that use diesel fuel, you can get 47 mpg, costing the driver only .07 cents per mile.  Despite the higher initial cost, consumers in this scenario accrue significant savings in the long run by using diesel fuel.  This concept can also be applicable to the stretch film industry.  Although stretch film testing may cost money up front, it can save the buyer money over time.  Stretch film testing is crucial in helping clients calculate how to make significant savings.


In parallel with price per gallon, consumers purchase stretch film based on cost per skid wrapped.  Skids are broken down into price per roll and then price per pound.  The goal of stretch film testing is to find the best cost per single wrapped pallet.  Film testing is a practical way for Paragon to compare its stretch film to the stretch films produced by market competitors.  The different tests also show current and potential buyers how different films compare with respect to stretch, strength, and unit cost.  Recently, Paragon Reps were directly involved in Torque Machine Film testing.  The goal of this testing was to show clients that Paragon’s thinner gauge films are efficient and effective.  The thinner films have a comparable amount of strength and quality of containment when compared to thicker gauge products, which are ultimately more cost effective.


The first step in stretch film testing is the stretch test.  This test is conducted by first marking the film as it unwinds and is stretched through a machine.  Next, the distance between marksForce to Load test on the wrapped pallet is measured.  This test shows how far the film can be stretched in comparison to a competitor’s film.  The next step is the force to load test. In this test, we determine the strength of the stretch film’s containment force.  This is measured by stretching the film onto a pallet after it is wrapped.  The force to load test allows the user to see if the integrity of the load has been compromised.  The last step involves the cut and weight test. With this test, the stretch film is cut off of the individual pallet and weighed.

In several of the tests conducted, Paragon’s thinner gauge stretch film not only stretched farther than competitors’ films, it also retained a higher force to load when applied properly.  The cut and weigh test is also a vital step in proving to users that Paragon’s films use less material while simultaneously yielding better results.  We were able to prove that users can enjoy a lower unit cost by purchasing Paragon’s patented products.  We also realized the importance of having properly working machines that are capable of wrapping pallets consistently!


In summary, these tests are vital to Paragon’s business.  They show the clients, step-by-step, the immediate results and benefits gained from using Paragon’s high quality stretch films.  The clients are able watch each of Paragon’s skilled Sales Reps perform stretch tests with precision and consistency.  The results of film testing are a testament to the true value of Paragon products.   Just as we compare unleaded fuel with diesel fuel to calculate cost per mile, we use stretch film testing to calculate cost per skid wrapped.  These key tests determine which stretch film products will enable clients to maintain excellent load integrity at the absolute lowest cost per unit. 


 This blog was written by Patrick Smith and Allison Smith.

About the authors:

Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith
Patrick is the Sales Coordinator for Paragon Films.  He has a passion for his role at Paragon and is always willing to learn from others.  When he isn’t working, you’ll find Patrick fishing at the nearest lake or watching one of his favorite shows, Duck Dynasty.  





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