Relationships In the Stretch Film Industry

Posted by Tara Vanderslice on Fri, Apr 05, 2013

"If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business."

Stretch Film What’s the most valued thing a customer can get from a salesperson that no one else can provide? It’s the most valued thing in life: TIME


A customer can find 9 different suppliers that sell what you sell. Features and benefits are plastered all over the internet.. Everyone claims to have a differentiator that makes them the right choice. What’s the only differentiator that really makes a difference? 


It’s the relationship between buyer and seller. 
The TIME spent between these two individuals provides real value to both the buyer and sellers business. Yet there is no line on a balance sheet that shows what this asset is worth. What each individual knows, and how they communicate that knowledge is what adds value to that asset.


Acting as a resource to each other, the buyer and seller must be genuine about who they are and what they know. Truly knowing what your products and services are worth, creates the confidence to honestly communicate both the strengths and limitations of your offer. If something regarding the product or service is unknown, admit it and make a pledge to quickly find out and advise on its status.


Time and experience adds many insights to issues that buyer and sellers deal with on a continual basis. Adding insight to a conversation automatically creates credibility and many times serves as a catalyst towards a solution that otherwise might not have been previously considered. 


Spend TIME listening. There is a good reason we have two ears and only one mouth.  People who have credibility don’t feel the need to “prove it” all the time. Clearly acknowledge each others concerns. This ensures that both parites are focusing on the same thing. Carefully explore and consider the issue at hand. Nothing says, “I’m insecure and insincere” quicker than spouting pat answers to questions that haven’t been asked. Make your response after careful consideration, adding a brief history or past experience that might be helpful in resolving a concern.

Paragon Film sales team


Help the buyer become the hero. Credibility comes from your ability to CRYSTALLIZE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTION. Even a detailed list of requirements can be helpful if the buyer and seller spend TIME  together to create a clear understanding of what the needs are and how best to meet them.




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About the author: 

Tara Vanderslice

Tara Vanderslice
Tara's job has never been just about “selling products.”   She has made many great friends through out the industry, not only because of her professional success, but because she sincerely wants to participate in helping others meet their own goals.  Tara treats every customer like a friend and seeks to simply “make everyone’s life easier."  Tara has added so much to the Paragon family and makes such an impact on all of the clients she meets.



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