What It Means To Be A Stretch Film Customer Service Representative

Posted by Connie Hogue on Tue, Mar 26, 2013

According to Wikipedia, Customer Service is “the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.”

Great customer service is the lifeblood of any business entity.  Providing excellent service is a crucial component to achieving long-term success.  At Paragon Films, the desire to please customers is our driving force.  This desire is crucial as we strive to distinguish our organization from other stretch film competitors.  With this goal in mind, we not only provide our customers with a reliable product, but we can provide our customers with reliable service.

stretch film customer serviceIt is absolutely essential to treat customers with respect and respond to their needs promptly and appropriately.  Above all, we must be intentional with our buyers.  In order to build healthy and sustainable relationships with our customer base, we must listen to their demands and comply accordingly.  Providing outstanding service is the best way to encourage customer loyalty.  Therefore, to cultivate customer loyalty, we must exceed customer expectations.  This statement is the foundation of Paragon’s customer service.  No matter what the means of communication, (in person, online, or via phone), excellent customer service protocols should be enacted.  Patience and respect are not optional; they are vital components in the treatment of potential and current buyers.

Furthermore, Paragon’s customer service department exemplifies these qualities.  With Representatives ranging in experience from 3-17 years, our department has distinguished itself from the average customer service department.  Years of dedication, perseverance, and fun have led to success!  Embracing and developing a relaxed atmosphere has made a huge difference in how we operate.  Our Reps take a personal interest in each and every customer.  It is more than just a business; it is a family.

Although customer service is usually viewed as little more than a resource for those who purchase a product, at Paragon, we know this is not the case.  To ensure a positive experience for customers, our job starts long before the order is completed.  We have a responsibility to our buyers, and with this responsibility comes communication.  Communication with other departments within our organization leads to customer satisfaction.  With each new client comes variability and specificity.  From the onset of a stretch film order, we must consider the most efficient way to fulfill whatever special requirements there may be.  For instance, a customer may request restricted delivery hours, delivery after a specific date, ship complete, etc.  These types of requirements are crucial to not only our schedulers, but also our shipping team.  Our departments are dependent on one another.  Therefore, communication is the key element in quick and efficient product delivery.

stretch film serviceAs time moves forward, so shall Paragon’s customer service.  Our future is being shaped by the advancement of social media such as our Facebook, Twitter, and our recently launched Paragon U Blog.  As these new developments arise, we will continue to adapt our company for the well being of our clients.  We look forward to opportunities that allow us to serve our customers at an even higher level.


About the author:

Connie Hogue, stretch films customer service representative  

Connie Hogue, Customer Service Coordinator 
Connie believes that life and her work go hand and hand. She started working as a young girl helping her dad run his local grocery store in Haskel, Oklahoma where she still lives. She now has over two decades of decorated management experience and is known for her ability to solve complicated problems.

In her spare time, she really enjoys relaxing with her husband, playing with her eight “beautiful” grandchildren, and raising her pigs! Her smile will tell you she has a passion for the Paragon mission and it’s people. Her faith is the inspiration behind everything she does.

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