Connecting With Others Through Stretch Film

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Tue, Mar 12, 2013

Since day one of my sales career, I have heard one statement above all others, "Customersstretch film relationships buy from people they like."  Okay, I get that, but how can you put customers at ease and establish that friendly relationship?  It’s easy to assume that buyers and sellers are the same in some social aspects.  For instance, both prefer to spend time with people who demonstrate "love" and "compassion" toward their current situation.

Take a minute to reflect on your family's last holiday gathering or reunion.  If my hunch is correct, you probably have an uncle, aunt, or cousin that you worked to avoid at the function.  The reason, more than likely, is because that family member is selfish in conversations, never asking about your life or feelings.  It could also be because he or she talks about things that are of no interest to you.  On the other hand, you probably have a favorite uncle who takes the time to engage you in sincere conversation.  In essence, he shows you "love" and "compassionby listening as you express what is important to you.

"Love" and "Compassion" can be communicated to your buyer in many ways such as:

  • Listening to what motivates the customer in their everyday work life

  • Taking time to hear from your customer about their operation

  • Sharing personal stories relating to common interests – sports, family, music, etc.

  • Allowing your customer's goals to supersede your own goals

    Paragon stretch film relationshipsWhichever method you choose is up to you and your "call awareness."  Each customer will respond to different areas of interest, and your methods may change from customer to customer.  What cannot change is your level of "genuineness.”  How genuine you are when demonstrating "love" and "compassion" towards your customer separates you from your competitors.  In a competitive marketplace, you may only have one short presentation to put your customer at ease.  If you are able to do this, you will be on the road to developing a mutually rewarding relationship.  In order to distinguish Paragon from other stretch film companies, we must successfully incorporate "love" and "compassion" into our sales process.  Thus leading to the establishment of loyal customers and longstanding relationships. 


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