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Posted by Jerad Dowler on Tue, Mar 19, 2013


Summit Life for Paragon FilmsSummit Life is Paragon Films' wellness program that is far more than just about diet and exercise.  It's about creating whole body wellness. 

There are 4 Pillars of Wellness in the Summit Life program

Summit Life

Paragon encourages you to Move More!  That means different things to everyone.  All that it really means is that you increase your daily activity.  That may mean for you to simply park your car further from the door instead of waiting for the "VIP" spot to open closest to the door.  Or it could mean that you sign up for your first marathon.  Whatever "Move More" means to you, it's what this pillar is for! 

Eat Better Summit Life
We all know that we can and should make changes to the selection of food choices that we make.  But what is most important?  How do we make these changes?  Education is one way to help you make personal and family changes as it relates to Eating Better.  Paragon strives to provide better options and alternatives at all of our plants to help with this pillar.  Eating Better is truly the easiest way to increase your overall health.

Stress, in all forms and fashions, is a major problem in the United States.  In our fast paced society, people rarely take the time to "smell the roses", have down time or even know techniques or ways to help Reduce Stress in their lives.  This pillar is vital in our quest for better overall health.  Reducing Stress adds years to your life, increases your immune system to help fight off sickness, reduces your chance of a heart attack or stroke and overall gives you a better quality of life. 

As of January 1, 2013 Paragon Films became a tobacco free facility.  This is a very big environmental change within our company to help our employees in becoming healthier.  But it doesn't stop there, if our employees want to quit, Paragon wants to help!  Tobacco use is among the top causes for preventable death and disease in this country.  We all know it's not healthy, and most people have the desire to quit, they just don't know how.  Paragon wants to help provide the tools and support to our employees to make that monumental lifestyle change that can save their lives and the lives of their loves ones. 


Here's the thing though, all of this isn't just for a Paragon employee and Move More Summit Lifetheir family.  This can work for YOU too!  Paragon encourages you to use these same pillars.  If it seems too much at first, don't worry, take small steps.  Only YOU can make these healthy changes! 








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