3 Reasons Why Torque® Machine Film Is Right For You

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Thu, Jan 31, 2013

Torque Machine film launched in 2012 and was designed for high load retention and tough application. Torque Machine is a high performance and environmentally sensitive film. Maybe you are currently using another machine film or have questions about Torque Machine so let me explain 3 reasons why Torque Machine might be the right film for you.


Stable Load Containment
Shaun Pirtle, VP of Technology, says, “When people think of stretch film they think of "stretch" and that’s really the wrong component to think of. You actually want to think of stretch film as a great big roll of tape.”

I know what you may be thinking, “Tape?” 

load containment Load containment is very crucial in the packaging industry. This is one of the main reasons why our product is designed the way it is. Once put to the test, we only have two outcomes, we pass or we fail. Securing a load and making it stable for any type of movement is what Torque Machine is all about. So take what Shaun was saying, it’s like a choice between a rubber band or tape. If you were trying to secure a load with rubberbands, your load containment would be unstable due to the stretching of the bands with movement of the load. However, if you were to use tape to secure your load it would be stable and secure from movement or shifting that would occur during transit. Torque Machine provides this stable load containment. You’re using half the film, with half the effort.  



Damage Resistant
One of the unique features of Torque Machine are the rolled edges. Like our Torque Handfilm, Torque Machine can be dropped or bounced with no damage occurring to the roll. This is extremely important in the finishing process at any manufacturer or packaging facility. It reduces waste and cost that might be experienced when other films are dropped or damaged. Not only does Torque Machine’s folded edges reduce damaged rolls, but it also gives the film additional strength in tear protection.


Best Cost to Weight Ratio
When a higher performance product makes its way into the market, usually one of the first questions is,  “What’s the cost?” or “How much will it save me in the long run?”  In other words, can it provide me “value.” 

The advantage of Torque Machine is not only it’s strength in load containment and damage resistance, it has the best cost to weight ratio when compared to conventional films. You are using less film per pallet and ultimately making the film last longer for you. 

Torque Machine Film

An advantage to Torque Machine weighing less is less strain on your work force. Carla Kastl, an Independent Sales Representative to Paragon, said, “Paragon has taken the technology and success of Torque Hand film and developed a product for machine film applications using the same technology. The ergonomic fact that TM rolls weigh less than 20 lbs on 20" and less than 30 lbs on 30" film is a huge plus in satisfying OSHA requirements and considerably lessening the work load of your employees.  

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