Selling Value in Stretch/Shrink Film

Posted by Stu Stark on Thu, Jan 31, 2013

Consumers care about two things in terms of containing their loads. Does it work and how much does it cost? Once the consumer's product is wrapped, getting their shipments from point A to point B without load integrity issues is all that matters.  They really do not care what the gauge/thickness of the material is wrapping their loads as long as there is no damage.  

As packaging professionals, we need to sell and not quote. Professional "quoters" lose, period! The only thing they have to offer is price. There will always be competitors willing to cut the price to get the business, especially in today's business environment.   


stretch film

Educating the Customer is Key!
Consequently, we need to educate the consumer on several issues. Education starts with total "on pallet stretch," holding force and cost to wrap the skid. The total amount of revolutions, along with overlap will help determine holding force and cost.  Dropping off a sample to the customer simply will fail over 90% of the time. We have to sell value. Our premium machine films, Ultimate Force, Force V and Cold Force will simply out perform our competition and setting a new benchmark will create serious pain for the folks attacking the business.  Selling a premium stretch/shrink film will create a win, win scenario. The end user will reduce their unit load cost and our distributor will improve their margin. The last benefit to a value-added approach is that our customer will keep the business long term. 

 value added stretch film

So how do we determine the correct product? 
The simple answer is to sell the application and compete with the competitive stretch/shrink film being used. Typically, we can lower the gauge of most films by 20% reducing their cost to wrap their skid and ship the product without load failure.  In doing so, providing a cost analysis sheet with the facts of the evaluation help solidify the business. With this system,competitors then have to outperform the value added product which is very, very difficult to do. March on to find our next test site! 




Stu Stark

Blog Author: Stu Stark

Stu Stark is always looking to “fix the problems” of his customers. His honesty and desire to build relationships not just a bigger book of business is what has made him successful over his past 22 years with Paragon. He strives to keep Paragon as an industry leader that can truly “make a difference in people’s lives.”



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