What Will Stretch Wrap Be Like In 100 Years

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Wed, Apr 01, 2015

If people living in 1915 had any idea what the world would be like in 2015, they wouldn’t have been staggered by the changes. Taking this into consideration, contemplating what the world will be like in another 100 years is one well worth doing. Stretch wrap is an excellent example of something that didn’t even exist 100 years ago, and is something that is taken for granted today. How it will fit into the future may be a great exercise for the mind, but it is also what will help shape the actual future. If you have any doubt, just think about Star Trek and those weird little phones they used. Those are real less than 50 years later, and actually getting more advanced by the year.IMG_2823Edited

So what is the likely future of stretch wrap? When you consider that there are two primary ways to make it, considering what will happen in the future is like choosing a path forward. There were two very different types of light bulbs, and we really only use one time today. By those odds, eventually one method of creating stretch wrap will win in the end. In 100 years, though, you probably won’t even know what the early methods were.

With the way the world is moving to green, more environmentally friendly wraps, it is very likely that the material won’t follow the same process at all. Instead of heating up a synthetic material, stretch film will be made of a unique combination of water and glass, giving you a clear look into the goods under the wrapping. The water makes the wrap extremely flexible, while the glass solidifies the wrapper.

The machine that applies the stretch wrap will be far more efficient than the current machines and will remove the need for any people to wrap the goods. Users will buy stretch wrap machines and will fill them with the recommended amount of glass and water based on the strength required and the size of the goods to be wrapped. Users will be able to create different programs for different types of goods, different configurations, and different layering (although usually a single layer will be adequate). This little machine will then sprang the wrap onto the product like a spider wrapping a bug in its web.

iStock_000023127065SmallEDitedThe best thing about the stretch wrap in 100 years is that it will be used for nearly everything new. New cars, ships, air craft, and spaceships will be wrapped in this sturdy material, so that they are not damaged in transport. The stretch film of 100 years from now will be used as the primary means of transporting goods between the different plants. Because it will be so durable, people will be able to launch it into space on a set course for another planet. Once it reaches the destination planet, it will release extra stretch wrap like a parachute. This not only softens the landing, it makes it easy to see once it reaches the target atmosphere. Because it has glass, the film will also be impervious to the heat upon entering the atmosphere. 

Stretch film will be very different than its current form 100 years from now. It will also be easy to use for many different tasks than what it is today as people stretch out across the solar system.


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