How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Cold Storage

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, May 04, 2015

Effective cold storage requires a highly controlled environment to properly ensure the condition of the items being stored. The problem is that there are so many things that can go wrong with cold storage, causing a loss of goods. Being aware of the biggest problems and knowing how to not only solve them but monitor for these issues, you can save your company from considerable losses.


One of the easiest and most critical things you can do is ensure that your goods are properly packaged. Whether this is by using the right stretch film and ensuring there are no holes or using the right kinds of pallets, the way you put the goods into storage can help protect against other issues. By giving them an additional layer of climate control you are ensuring that the goods remain fresh and secured during transport.


Product Freeze
If you notice that some of your product is freezing, this could be caused by several different issues. Here is what to look for and how to solve the problems if you find them.

The evaporator coils may be causing a heavy freeze that is affecting the product. You can adjust the coils so that they have a higher temperature and you can add baffles under each of the coils to change the direction of the cold air.

If the goods are not stacked in a configuration that helps the air flow, some areas by be colder, causing your goods to freeze. Smoke generators can fix areas that have dead air, and reconfiguring the way the product is stacked can help ensure the air flow is steady.

The product could be stored too close to the walls. Either the walls, or in some cases the flow, can be insulated and the product can be shifted from the walls. You may also need a larger storage facility if there is not adequate space to move the product away from the walls.


Product Shriveling
In the event that your products are shriveling, the cause is usually related to humidity levels. There are several things you should look for to fix this problem.

Humidity is too low. The easiest solution is installing more coils.

Wooden storage containers or structures could be attracting moisture both from the air and the product. If they are damped before going into storage.

Other issues with shriveling product are typically specific to agriculture products, in which case you should do some research into ways to improve storing them based on the type of product they are.


Condensation or Free Water
This is problem that is usually easy to identify, but difficult to fix. You can usually tell by looking at the outside part of the packaging to see if the condensation is inside or outside of the product.

Check the area to see if most or warm air is hitting the goods. The problem can be either from too much product being saved in a space, product being saved near warmed goods, or if it is close to warmer air being directed into the storage area.

Water that has defrosted from the coils is dripping onto your goods. There should be a way for dripping water to drain from the floor.


Cold storage has come a long way since things were transported with only ice to keep them cool, but that does not mean the process is perfect. The most serious issues have relatively easy fixes once you isolate the cause of the problem.

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