How to Get the Most out of Torque® HandFilm

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, Nov 02, 2015

It’s a headache scenario anyone in the packaging industry can identify with: the truck trailer door opens and the scene that unfolds is one of utter disarray. The transport journey was filled with hills, bumps, twists, and turns and as a result, the contents of every pallet are either scattered across the floor or worse—seemingly secure but ready to dislodge at any moment. It’s a scenario that can lead to thousands of dollars in damage and place the safety of workers at risk.


The good news? There’s a simple way to keep this scenario from becoming a reality: choose the best film products for the job and apply them correctly.


When it comes to using handfilm correctly, there are several variables that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Film weight and thickness
  • Strength of the individual using the roll of film
  • Time of day and season when film is applied
  • Loss of coverage due to neck down


To remove these variables from the packaging process, our patented Torque® HandFilm incorporates the following benefits:

  • Torque is lighter—approximately half the weight of a conventional 80 gauge roll.
  • Torque is damage resistant—folded edges maximize product protection.
  • Torque is consistent—Torque’s patented process causes it to be tight with just one pull, regardless of who is wrapping, the season, or time of day. Torque acts like a rubber band and secures the load without loss of coverage due to neck down.


Although Torque is a high performance handfilm that provides force with much less effort, it is still critical that it be applied properly in order to maximize the benefits and ensure proper securement of products. The following are key tips to help you get the best wrap with Torque:

  • Walk forward. Walking backwards while wrapping poses a number of safety risks, such as tripping and falling, inability to see hazards, and the tendency for the body to lean backwards—causing strain. Walking forward helps to avoid these risks and ensure a more consistent wrap.
  • Wrap with the film away from the body. Holding the roll so that the film is away from the body prevents any obstructions (arm, watch, rings) from running into the film and tearing it.

When it comes down to it, the process to avoid a headache scenario such as the one mentioned at the beginning of this post doesn’t have to be a headache itself. By understanding the benefits of Torque HandFilm and following a few simple best practices when using it on the job, Torque can be the answer for every hand application. Check out our Torque HandFilm product page to learn more about the features and watch a demo video of the product in action.

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