How to Evaluate Customer Service in the Packaging Industry

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, Apr 20, 2015


In today’s competitive business environment, the superiority of your customer service is a progressively vital factor towards nurturing positive customer loyalty. In the packaging industry, efficient customer service is an essential step to ensuring reliability and excellence in all of your company’s operations such as knowing the kind of stretch wrap the client wants.Office_036cropped

In fact, a single interaction between the customer and the customer service center can make or break a relationship. Customer experience is fashioned by the customers’ expectations that mostly reflect previous experiences. Using customer experience as a competitive differentiator is a goal for many businesses, but most of them lack the required information.

Excellent customer service is more than what you say or do to your customers. There are various useful ways to perfectly evaluate the supremacy of your customer service. Here are a few ways.


Demand and Supply
Business is all about demand and supply. For that reason, one of the easiest metrics for determining the value of your customer service is by the number of stretch wrap sales. If the demand for your company’s services and goods is increasing, it could be attributed to efficient customer service as well as your level of service.

However, demand and supply alone cannot give you a correct evaluation on the quality of customer service because sales increase can also be attributed to price markdowns and the existing economic climate. This method is therefore more effective when used together with other assessment tools.



Ask Your Customers
Best practice companies engage with their customers by creating strong synergies between online and offline channels. You can also do this informally by engaging with them when they visit your establishment. Follow up phone calls, emails and creating surveys are effective ways that can be used to shed information on the quality of customer service and probably offer some fundamental insight on what can be done to improve it.

Number of Customer Complaints
Although an increasing number of customer complaints may be a strong indication of poor customer service, it does not mean that a decline in the number of disgruntled customers is an indication of improved customer service. It is vital to note that by not paying attention to your quality of service, you may be unintentionally sending discontented customers down the street to a competitor.

Address customer complaints strategically and on time to by capturing customer feedback channels and applying quality standards to exceed your client’s expectations.


Identify Your Weakness
Most of us fail to accept our weaknesses, and this leads to poor customer service. Application of effective quality measures within your customer service will help you spot certain weaknesses within your operation. For instance, some customers may be discontented by the after sale services, the packaging expertise or the choice of stretch wrap solutions.

Customers are happy with service reps that are quick at resolving problems. Ensure that your customer service staffs are knowledgeable about a product and have effective problem-solving skills.


Assess the Competition
The market is all about competition. Research the market and know what service or brand of product that your competitor is offering that you do not have. In the packaging industry, customers tend to shift interest into companies that provide what they need because of convenience.


Evaluating your customer service will help you know whether your service level is on par or whether it needs improvement. Paragon Films embraces a holistic approach to stretch packaging based on consultative approach and understanding customers’ existing packaging operations, needs and goals of the stretch wrap application.


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