How To Establish an Equipment Maintenance Program

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Thu, May 07, 2015

Establishing a proper equipment maintenance program can be very important. Without a proper protocol to keep a stretch wrap machine (or any sort of machine for that matter) in perfect function, it can be very challenging to run a stable, consistent business. Certainly, having regular checkups and tests is a smart idea, however, it is far better to have an established checklist and specific protocol for which to diagnose and solve problems which can arise when a piece of machinery is being used constantly. OSHA dictates that without regular maintenance of all machinery, the work environment is considered hazardous and dangerous. 


Laying out a protocol for equipment maintenance sounds like quite the challenge, but in truth, it is fairly simple. Think of it like a checklist, or an algorithm. A simple, yet static manner of diagnostics are perfect for a structure. Organizing everything in an "If, Then" manner, means that every possible problem that a machine can have must be checked before moving on to the next, or solving it. In this manner, you can ensure that maintenance is performed in the exact same manner each time, and fixing any common problems that may (and realistically eventually will). 


Of course, with a stretch wrap machine, there are only so many common problems that can arise. For this reason, each checklist based system must have a manner of freedom to it, once all the check points have been done. For this reason, it's entirely important to have a skilled, trained individual performing these programs, or at least doing the final check-over. 


This maintenance program must be rigid. It must be performed at a set interval, for example once a week, at the end of the week. Having an actual, physical checklist is also important, not only does it make certain that the individual performing the check knows how to do their tasks, and in what order, but it also means that it is potentially possible to keep records of maintenance. This means that should a larger problem be diagnosed within a final, free form check over, logs of previous maintenance can be read and reviewed to try and pinpoint not only what the exact problem is, but figure out where it came from, so either the person who did the maintenance can be taught to do it better, or an error in the protocol can be corrected. 


Resized_MG_7610Machinery with moving parts (or really any sort of machinery), particularly a stretch wrap machine, is prone to various malfunctions, things can get caught up, small parts can break, and overall function can be halted, or slowed. For this reason, it is highly imperative to create a specific, “If, Then” style checklist for regular equipment maintenance. Not only is it the safe thing to do, but it is the productive, and smart thing to do for any business which may be using a stretch wrap machine. 


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