How to Demonstrate Effective Customer Service & Attitude

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Mon, Feb 23, 2015

In today's competitive global marketplace, building a customer service program that is valuable and resonates with your customers goes beyond fulfilling promises to provision of quality services. Customers tend to respond positively if your customer service is friendly, accommodating, and action-driven.

If you want to build trust and keep customers in future (let's face it - what business doesn't), you should prioritize the attitude and ability of your customer service representatives.   

ERP_Team_(12)  1. Prioritize Training: The process of training and offering classes to customer service representatives is ongoing. Your customer service representatives are more likely to provide quality services to customers while adhering to your business philosophy if they are properly trained.Institute a written mandatory customer service policy for every new stretch wrap sales representative, and convert customer service objectives to feasible outcomes, such as: greeting customers with a polite demeanor, readily availing product information, and prompt delivery of services. By creating customer service benchmarks for rewards, performance of sales representatives will improve as they work towards meeting and exceeding benchmarks.

   2. Be empathetic and a good listener: A well-trained customer service provider should always portray empathy and be a good listener. Sales representatives need training and techniques on how to handle stress and conflict resolution. Your customer service representatives need empowerment to not only deal with dissatisfied customers on an emotional level but offer helpful solutions. For instance, "Paragon Films" aims to offer high quality stretch film to its customers for the good of humanity through a charitable trust.

   3. Effective communication: Communicating or reaching out to your customers with an aim of knowing and understanding their needs is important in customer service delivery. Do this by requesting for customers' feedback or distribute survey forms, which enables customers to help you understand how they perceive your services or their shopping experience. Always look for ways to offer assistance to your customers, regardless of whether the customer doesn't ask for help. You can possibly make a suggestion for additional services that might be of interest to customers or follow up to ensure your customers are satisfied with your services - demonstrating your willingness to find a solution to their problems.

   4. Accept responsibility: Customer service representatives are normal human beings and they can make mistakes (just like you). To avoid such mishaps, train them to accept responsibility for any errors, and learn to apologize for their mistakes. Well-trained customer service professionals avoid engaging upset customers in arguments. But instead, they try to inquire from the customers if anything can be done to get the problem solved. Give helpful advise to customer service representatives and ask them to speak to customers calmly, assuring them that a solution to their problem will be found.


   5. Treat and motivate employees well: If you make an effort of treating your customer service representatives with harmony and respect, they will reciprocate the treatment. In normal situations, customer service representatives are more likely to express an attitude of enthusiasm and positivity if they recognize they're being appreciated and respect is accorded to them. You may choose to recognize them through offering rewards to those who perform exceptionally in relation to provision of good customer service or praise the customer service team in its entirety for a job well-done.

The job of providing customer service is at times emotionally draining. So it takes the motivation and support of your company or any other company to gain customer service representatives' loyalty.

At Paragon, It is our goal to act with uncompromising love, honesty and integrity in everything we do. At the same time we strive to satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service. We are committed to investing in and developing our employees’ diverse talents, ingenuity and leadership that, which, drives stable, sustainable growth.

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