Effects of Poor Customer Service

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Tue, Feb 17, 2015


Excellent customer service should always be your top priority from the beginning to the end of each day. Even one instance of poor customer service can start a chain reaction that damages your brand and interferes with the survival of your business.


What is poor customer service?

Obviously, poor customer service involves any serious customer interaction infraction. Some examples of this are: 

    * Interrupting customers when they are speaking.

    * Acting bored or apathetic toward or around customers.

    * Arguing with customers or refusing to accept fault when applicable.

    * Failing to actively listen to customers so as to better meet their needs.

    * Hanging up on or walking away from customers who are angry or upset.

Sales representatives, customer service agents, production workers, managers, directors and even owners can act poorly at times in ways that they might not realize are harmful to their teams or business. This can present itself in a variety of ways, such as:

    * Failing to become product experts because of poor training or personal study.

    * Crafting inferior products or performing in less than an excellent service manner.

    * Responding to a question with “I don’t know” and then failing to seek out an answer.

    * Missing cross-sales, upgrade or partner referral opportunities that benefit customers.

    * Taking orders without checking afterwards that everything went through without a hitch.

    * Ignoring past customers because they’re not immediately interested in making a purchase.


What are the negative effects that poor customer service can have on your business?

Modern consumers are active company reviewers. With the Internet, they often go online and tell the world just how bad of an experience they had with a particular business. As a result, a company that before the Internet might not have suffered too much from one, perhaps accidental, poor customer service event can now be ruined in an instant from a single dissatisfied review. 

Even if your company is not immediately ruined, it can lose its position in the marketplace to competitors as more customers, including longstanding loyal ones, and potential customers may decide to go elsewhere. Once that happens, you lose the revenues that you rely upon to pay everything from employee salaries and utilities to raw materials and equipment that help make products. When that happens, you can also lose support from shareholders and hard-working, expert employees who don't want to be linked to a company that has a bad reputation.  

After poor customer service damages your company’s brand, you can experience an increase in expenses from costly public relations and marketing campaigns designed to offset the damage and new training programs that usually involve expensive consultants and loss of production time to training. You might have to go through a costly hiring process because of employee attrition. In some cases, you might have to hire new and more expensive management to weed out problems and create solutions.

_MG_7465-1The staff of Paragon Films believes strongly in providing the best customer service anywhere.Our talented and friendly sales agents and customer service reps are invested in building life-long customer relationships.

We understand the negatives effects that poor customer service has on everyone and the many benefits that come from treating customers as they prefer to be treated when they are customers. They believe that providing excellent customer service starts by listening to the type of shrink wrap needs customers have and then finding the best stretch film solution to fit those needs. They also keep track of each stretch film order through the entire process and check that a customer is satisfied with the end result.

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