Best Packaging Apps of 2015

Posted by Jerad Dowler on Thu, May 14, 2015

There are apps for just about everything now. While some apps make no sense and others are only marginally helpful, there are some that you might not realize you need until you find yourself looking at a task with no idea what you need. When it comes to making sure you have your products properly packaged, guess what, there's an app for that! These three apps were designed just for helping you get the right packaging film for your current needs.


Paragon Films packaging app

Paragon Films
This free, handy app lets you work on the fly. The app walks you through the questions to help pinpoint what is the best product for the job, then makes recommendations based on your answers. It gives you a couple of recommendations, but you are also welcome to check out the full stock of stretch films to see if there is something that more closely meets what you want. You can even enter measurements into the conversion calculator so that you don’t have to exit the app to open a different program. Once you know what you need, you can contact Paragon Films representative to place your order. This app is available for iPhones.  The Android version is not available yet, it will be released in the very near future.

Interested in downloading the Paragon Films app?  Click the button at the bottom of this article.  


Stretch Tools
This is another free app made by Highlight Industries. This app helps you calculate how much you actually need to get the job done. It offers users several different types of calculations:

  • The cost of stretch film per load
  • A comparison between 20 and 30 inch film
  • A calculation for the containment force
  • A calculation for stretch level
  • Conversion for the film thickness
  • A calculation for load diagonal
  • A calculation for the film roll

Interested in downloading this app?  Click here



Stretch Film Cost Calculator
This particular app takes a little getting used to because when you first download you are looking at a mostly blank screen. However, by clicking on the plus sign, you get a wealth of options about stretch film that can help you narrow down exactly what it is you are looking for. Also, this one is not manufacturer specific. With three different value sets, you can pick several different companies to get different types of information about what you need.

When you enter the app, you will need some basic information. The sections are divided up by generic information (has a red banner) or stretch film or pallet wrapping data. This gives you some pretty strict controls over the film requirements. Once you have filled out at least one of the value sets, you can make the purchase using the icon in the top right of the app. This purchase will be saved for later so you can make repeat the purchase later if needed.

Interested in downloading this app? Click here. 


Apps really do make things easier, even for something as routine as packaging film. There will always be that one instance where what you need is not quite the same as what you have needed in the past. These three apps can help you find what best fits you current needs and then make the purchase.


Paragon iOs App


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