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Torque Hand stretch film....We Care That Much!


I can't lie, we really care about the stretch film we make.  From the moment the resin reaches us to the moment the film is delivered to it's destination, we watch each step of the stretch film manufacturing process very closely. 

Shale gas is continuing to grow, along with new resin projects


By Frank Esposito


We're In the Film Business....The Stretch Film Business


"What movies do you guys do?"
I can't tell you how many times I have told someone I work for Paragon Films and they respond with, "What movies do you guys do?"  I can't help but laugh as I explain what the "Films" in our company name applies to.  I love explaining what we do and who we are to people.  Not many people, including me before I worked here, knew there was so much to stretch film.  


"What's Love Got To Do With It?" Something You Should Know About Paragon Films


Besides being a top hit song from Tina Turner, many people ask and wonder, "What's love got to do with it?",  when it comes to the internal and business relationships of Paragon Films.  

Cold Force Machine Film Webinar


Find out more about Paragon's Cold Force machine film as Paragon rep, John Steinhaus, dives into the film's features and benefits. 

Why Cold Force® Stretch Film is the Key to Increase Profits

Cold Force Machine Film

The Birth of Cold Force
A few years ago there was an unmet need for a film that could be used in cold temperature environments that had excellent cling and load holding force.  Other films, due to the cold temperatures in transit or storage, would lose their cling and load holding capabilities, creating a headache when the load was moved. As a result, Cold Force has become one of Paragon's fastest growing machine films.

Recognizing the need for a cold environment film, Cold Force started coming off the cast lines at Paragon in early 2010.  This new type of stretch film gave light to the end users whose applications were in environments such as blast freezers and refrigerated/packaging operations.  Because of the high cling and the sustainability of the load containment, Cold Force became the cold film applicator.  

What Are Some Benefits in Using Torque Handfilm

Torque Handfilm

We love hearing and seeing stories about our products.  This is a blog article written by Dennis Salazar of Salazar Packaging.

Paragon Films Realizes Customer Retention is Critical

stretch film satisfaction

 At Paragon we know it's a fact, without customers, we wouldn't be where we are today!  I want to share this recent article I read in PlasticsNews.  To me, it was a reminder that we cannot over look the simple things.  Whether it's selling stretch film or shopping at your favorite retail store, customer service and retention is vital to your company's success.

Stretch Film Reps With the Customer in Mind

stretch film reps

Collaboration is defined as having two or more people work together towards shared goals.  A group of writers working together to create a story, or a defensive unit calling out formations to each other before the ball is snapped, or your morning meetings with your co-workers before the day starts; all of these can be considered collaboration.  When people begin to collaborate on ideas and goals, inspiration is born.  This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when a group of Paragon Films' sales reps got together. 

How to Determine Stretch Film Gauge.

determining stretch film gauge

In his memoir about his time as a steamboat pilot, Life on the Mississippi, Mark Twain recalls a story about his mentor quizzing him about certain navigation landmarks on the Mississippi River. Twain repeatedly answered that he didn't know the names of the places he was being quizzed about, and went so far as to say he was "gratified to be able to answer promptly"; even though he didn't have a clue what the answers were. At the end of the quiz, his mentor got increasingly agitated and finally scolded Twain: 

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